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#1 team in the country!!

Usborne Books & More is an important part of our family.  In 1994 we joined UBAM (Usborne Books & More) to get a great deal on books for our children, never dreaming at that point that now, as we celebrate our 20th+ anniversary with UBAM, we’d be earning a six figure income.  This is and always has been a part time “job” for us – Nancy Ann primary works the business from home, with one or two book selling events weekly on the average.  Phone and computer time is focused on helping team members grow.  Tom is co-owner of a neon manufacturing company in Cincinnati and is 100% supportive of the UBAM business, running errands, giving creative input, loading the van, doing what needs to be done.  With flexible hours we have time for lunch dates, volunteering at school, day trips, helping with extended family needs, taking walks in the beautiful mornings and doing what needs to be done at the time.

This is a business that can be worked alongside your family activities.  This is key for us now, and it has been from the start.  When we started Michelle was 17, Georgia 3 and Calvin 1 year old. Our family has grown since then, and so has our business!

Costa Rica 2002, l to r: Martin, Tom, Calvin, Camille, Nancy Ann, Georgia

Usborne offers us the opportunity to earn awesome vacations – these are trips which you can earn also!  We can travel together to exotic destinations, true dream vacations!  Usborne has taken us from Hawaii to the Caribbean to Alaska to Costa Rica to Europe and many more spectacular destinations! We are the “trip earningest” consultants in the company.   Let’s earn the next trip together! In early 2008 we were fortunate to be able to adopt our sweet daughter Adelie from China.  This wasn’t even on the dream radar when we started selling books, however UBAM certainly made it possible, both financially and with the flexible work schedule.  What a wonderful way to expand our family.

Wartman Family in Rome on UBAM incentive trip 2009
l to r: Camille, Calvin, Georgia, Tom, Martin, Adelie, Nancy Ann

We currently have over 350 Team Leaders in our group with thriving businesses with more promoting in the next few months.  Together we’re making an impact on literacy across the nation.  Have you ever thought of doing something like this?  Now is an awesome time!  

We’d love to have you join our team, the Usborne Achievers!  All our combined success comes from getting great books in the hands of kids!   It comes from helping families find a business that will work around their schedule and needs!  We can help you achieve!   It’s certainly worth doing this FOR your family, BECAUSE of your family…because it’s your future!

June 2013 1st row l to r: Camille, Adelie, Calvin, Martin, Pete, Hunter 2nd row l to r: Georgia, Nancy Ann, Tom, Michelle
June 2013
1st row l to r: Camille, Adelie, Calvin, Martin, Pete, Hunter
2nd row l to r: Georgia, Nancy Ann, Tom, Michelle