Literacy for a Lifetime

Literacy for a Lifetime - 50% Grant Matching
Literacy for a Lifetime – 50% Grant Matching

Our 50% Matching Grant is paperwork ready!
We match your orders which are paid using grants or donated funds to schools, charities, hospitals, shelters and many other programs and organizations.  Free shipping within the USA!  No tax when a tax exempt certificate is included.

Example: $3000 order + $1500 free books = $4500 total books
You choose the books!

LFL Order Form  (you may use your own PO or other list, if you like)

LFL GrantForm


How to Order using Literacy for a Lifetime

We accept Purchase Orders, requests for invoicing, checks (payable to Literacy for a Lifetime) and credit cards

$250 minimum LFL order to qualify for the 50% free books and free shipping

Orders are generally shipping within 3 business days via UPS.

Once you have your funding available, please send:

  1. Make list of books, including a list of the 50% free books  (we are happy to make suggestions to fit your needs)
    Sorry, no Internet Specials on matching grant orders
  2. Matching Grant Form
  3. Purchase Order, if using this payment type
  4. Tax Exempt Certificate, if tax exempt
  5. Email, mail or fax your order


Your point of contact:
Nancy Ann Wartman, Director
Usborne Books & More
fax 859-663-9810
phone 859-630-3055 or 800-393-8224

Mailing address:
Attn: Nancy Ann Wartman / LFL
Usborne Books & More/EDC Educational Services
PO Box 470663  Tulsa, OK  74147-0663